The Football Staffing Network

Here at the Football Staffing Network we aim to provide clubs and sports teams an easier connection to physiotherapists.

For the sports clubs and teams we offer CSP and HCPC registered physiotherapists with enhanced disclosure check. The physiotherapists will have a full FSN kit for attending games, training and training camps.

The benefits to the club/sports team of using the FSN are;

  • No recruitment cost
  • No organisation
  • No cost of kit
  • No cost of disclosure
  • Local physiotherapists to the game location.

To get in touch please see our club/team contact page.

For the physiotherapists we offer connections with multiple teams in sport. We will provide;

  • Close support network
  • Full physiotherapy kit
  • Enhanced disclosure check
  • Games local to the area in which the Physiotherapist is based.

To register please see our physiotherapist registration page ensuring you provide valid CSP and HCPC membership numbers.